Non-Profit online Education for all Japanese learners

For Foreigners learning Japanese

We are piloting online community college for Japanese learners and English learners of Japanese students in Japan, contributing quality of education globally based on online dialogue-based Active Learning concept.

Currently the program is supposed to have around three classes per week, consisting of “Japanese language” for all Japanese learners (JLPT N5 or N4 level) including Japanese conversation, as well as N3 level with Japanese cultural studies and Business manner.

The course also prepare business studies for the business persons who are interested in enterprise by taking advantage of the concept named Community-Based Learning (C-BED), designed by ILO Bangkok with a support from Japan.

Please be sure that all the courses and contents are available for all the college students.  For instance, you are learning Japanese classes in the online college every Monday, but you can also attend business class on Friday without any additional charge (about the program fee, read below). 

After joining to our online community college,  you will receive admission guidance and be allowed to all the class activities.

* the contents of the classes are still under development during this pilot until September in 2020.

If you are interested in enrolling this pilot version of online community college, please read following regulations.

AOC_Admission and student policy_01082020

[Pilot period] August- December (5 months)

[Accepting Students] Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, China, Indonessia

[July. 2020] Program Fee – Donation-based

We are offering this online community college with your own determined fee. (it is up to you how much to pay to us.)

*We, NPO YISA is registered and regulated strictly by Osaka Prefecture in Japan, is a public non-profit organization and all collected money to be used only for expenses, in this volunteer activity.


・We will issue your program certification after finishing 4 months course program by meeting certain standard for each class

If you are interested in this non-profit initiatives and enrollment, please submit your application from a form below.