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Wisaは少数民族に伝わる口頭伝承/民話/文化を研究調査するプロジェクトによって雇用を創造する「民話と若者」(folklore & Youth)プロジェクトをスタートしました。ルアンパバーン県と協働して「ラオスの民話研究所」(Research Center of Lao Folklore)を2021年に設立しました。現在は孤児支援学校の子ども達に、民話の調査研究を行う授業を提供し、文化研究を教育カリキュラムに活かすプロジェクトを実施しています。

In Lao PDR, many ethnic minority groups live in mountainous areas. They have carefully kept their distance from urban cities and its life and preserving their unique language and culture. On the other hand, many teenagers are unable to receive school education, need to earn cash for subsistence in poverty.

Wisa has launched the “Folklore & Youth” project to create employment through a research on the oral tradition/folklore/culture of such ethnic minorities. In collaboration with Luang Prabang Province, we established the Research Center of Lao Folklore in 2021. Currently, we are providing literacy educaion for children at an orphan support school for fostering their researchership.

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