🌹Invitation: Asian youth to Morning Self-Study Activity🎉



Our Non-Profit Organization, Youth International Support Association (YISA) Japan, sincerely invite Asian youth English/ Japanese language learners who would like to self-study with ZOOM online community in order to create morning routine study habit for one self by sharing time management of Pomodoro technic (wikipedia).

What is Morning Self-Study Activity?

With/ After COVID-19 infection spreading worldwide, several restriction measures have been forcing many youth/ students to stay home without schooling, and make it difficult to have study-habit in isolated situation for many of them.

The Morning Self-Study Activity is a spontaneous youth self-help/ initiative action to share self-studying time with Asian youth who study language (whatever subjects are ok, but especially Japanese, English, Computer langueges ) by connecting ZOOM together and take advantage of Pomodoro technology (25 mins concentration on your home work and 5 mins break-time x 2 times = total 60 mins study time) .

The activity starts from 1:30 GMT ( UTC+0000)/ JST (+0900) which equal to:


For Japanese 10:30am to 11:30am (JPT)

For Bangladeshi 7:30 am to 8:30 (BDT)

For Vietnamiese 8:30 am to 9:30 (VNT)

For Chinese 9:30 am to 10:30 (CHT)


How to participate this activity?

  1. Prepare your study material (whatever you like any text and note books, e.g. language text, reading books, homework assignment, drafting report, audio-media including youtube e-learning).
    *Please be sure the organizer does not provide any education, introduction for your learning. YOU must prepare materials to study for yourself.

2. Check your internet connectivity and access to ZOOM link here (https://zoom.us/j/7700707700?pwd=SlpacmUrR2lLQkpBUURodGhnWW8vQT09) during the time above

3. The facilitator signal you the pomodoro starts (25 mins) and break time (5 mins). If you want to know what is pomodoro, please watch the following video.

3. After 90 mins concentration on your study, the participants start to share what you learn during the session with a brief self-introduction [closing session]. You can talk and ask about your learning and question with the participants.

If you have any question on this activity, please use the form in this website (お問い合せ) to ask us.

Participation Policy

Please be sure to read following our regulation.

RULE #1: Please cooperate with the mods, we are there to keep the community enjoyable for everyone!

-RULE #2: You can ask any question and enjoy conversation during each 5 mins break time and closing time, but targeting community members with offensive/derogatory comments is not. If someone asks you to stop, please do so.

-RULE #3: No vulgar/offensive nicknames, comments, and screen sharing. If you are asked to change your behavior and refuse, you would be banned to enter this community by a moderator.

-RULE #4: Don’t spam, throw any potentially harmful information which would destroy peace of the community, such as political, religious, controversial topic in both text and voice chat. If you are asked to change your behavior and refuse, you would be banned to enter this community by a moderator.